Suds Sunshine Caravan, a Day of Giving Back To the Community

May 6, 2016 Thursday 3:00 pm Samala, Kawit Cavite

Suds Sunshine Caravan, a Day of Giving Back To the Community

Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services together with Seed Center Philippines, Inc. partnered for the Sunshine Caravan in partnership with Surf Philippines. The Caravan is a product giving event which provided SEED partner-beneficiaries a total of 120 boxes of more than 1,400 bottles of Surf Fabric Conditioner.

Suds1Suds Owner Charmaine Lada Ang, and SEED Executive Director Hilda Aytin with Suds and SEED staff

The SEED leg of the Caravan opened with a program held at the Samala Senior Citizen Hall, in Kawit, Cavite on 6th of May 2016.

SEED Executive Director Hilda Aytin credited owners of Suds, Carlos Hanzyl Ang and Charmaine Lada Ang,  for their excellent business model of Philippines’ first and only nationwide franchise brand of laundry and dry cleaning service which started from humble beginnings.  Aytin also addressed SEED’s partner-beneficiaries to find inspiration in the entrepreneurial spirit and experience of Suds, stating “for an enterprise to make a difference and succeed, one should always begin with the end of fulfilling the needs of its intended customers, constantly innovate, love and be happy with the work being done and always remember to give something good back to the community.”

Suds2Charmaine Lada Ang sharing ane important tool for success.

SUDS owner Charmaine Lada Ang, encouraged SEED  partner – beneficiaries citing that no business is too small or unglamorous as it may seem for it to grow. Ang explained how she and her husband worked complimentarily to achieve their scale today. Ang  emphasized the importance of planning in business.  She noted that her husband Carlos Hanzly Ang, CEO and founder of SUDS, already had a clear vision on what their business would be in 5 years’ time. Ang further said that planning gave the light to the road of their success, “With planning comes determination to work hard as you are able to check where you are right now and where you should be tomorrow.”

As Suds and SEED recognized the importance of continuous hard work and determination to improve their business and living status, exemplary SEED partners were awarded to include:

Yolanda Zepeda for having the oldest savings account and largest savings balance; consistently saving and participating actively in meetings and trainings.

Rose Hayahay for having the most number of finished products  in SEED’s Sewing Centers.

Suds3(L-R) Charmaine Lada Ang of SUDS, SEED Partner Myrna Fernandez and SEED Executive Director Hilda Aytin during the awarding ceremony

Gina Robino for being the most reliable and cooperative member of SEED’s Piso-Pisong Pondo Program.

Ma. Theresa Carbon for being the most reliable and cooperative member of SEED’s Binhing Pagkakaisa Program.

Myrna Fernandez for good repayment history for the last 6 years under SEED’s Binhing Pagbabago Program.

Suds4Charmaine Lada Ang of Suds distributing Surf Bottles to partners.

Following the awarding, SUDS and SEED Staff proceeded to distribute the fabric conditioners to a total of 400 partner-beneficiaries in Kawit. The event ended with happy and thankful faces as recipients left with not just Surf Products in tow but an inspiration for entrepreneurship and doing good to the community.

SEED is set to distribute the remaining bottles to its partners in other branches within the month.