SEED Center Philippines, Inc., Team Building 2016



May 19, 2016. Island Cove Leisure Resort. SEED held its annual Team Building event as it continuously recognizes the importance of motivating and energizing SEED employees to become better team players in achieving SEED’s targets and goals.

The event started with a prayer led by Social Development Program Officer Angela Benecario followed by the setting of objectives, day’s itinerary and house rules by Human Resource Manager Jocelyn Fulcher. After which, staff were given team assignments, where 3 groups were formed.

Finance and Admin Manager Cynthia Sarmiento led the first activity where each team will have to outbest each other in a race to carry a glass full of water with the least spills over and using cloth as the glass holder. The game emphasized the need for team work, focus, and compliance to instructions in a pressured environment (such as limited time, external distractions).
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Enterprise Development Officer, Emmaleeh Pequit facilitated the second workshop where each team needs to build the tallest and strongest tree using only paper, sticks and tape. While it appears to be easy, the activity was also time pressured and the materials to be used in the construction of the tree were to be traded using personal items of each team member. The more useful the material is, the more personal the item was to be exchanged. (i.e. more sticks for upper garments). Each team should also use almost all the materials that they traded as any excess were deducted in their scores. The activity aimed at encouraging critical thinking, yielding best results with minimum or limited resources, optimizing resources properly and subjecting personal interests for the betterment of the organization.


A cup in a blanket: Group 1


Building a tree: Group 2


123 Pose: Group 3

The last 3 activities were jointly facilitated by Area Managers Janet Umali and Nelia Labarda which was a take-off from a local game show. The activities fostered the need for communicating well which is crucial to get things done and to achieve organizational targets.

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After lunch an impromptu singing contest was done for fun. Branch Manager Van Jan Navarro brought the house down with his rap song piece which everybody enjoyed. Staff also had the opportunity to swim and have fun in the pool or belt out their favorite songs in the videoke. As expected there were numerous pictorials of the staff in various areas of the resort.  Dinner followed at Karls Ced’s.

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At the end of the activities, Pequit did a short debriefing to gather and process staff thoughts and feelings on the exercises done.  Here are what our staff says:

Ricel Lizada (Program Officer) – Compared sa mga nakaraang team building na naattendan ko sa SEED, mas maganda ang mga activities na nangyari ngayong 2016. (Compared to previous team buildings I attended in SEED, the activities are a lot better this year.)

Marcelino Padua (Program Officer) –The team building was great! I enjoyed all the events that day. All the staff were very energetic and cheerful. It was a great experience for me. The most important thing I’ve learned while participating in the activities is how to be a good team player.


Adrian Paler (Liason Officer)Sobrang saya! Maganda ang mga laro, lahat nag-participate, natutunan ko ang teamwork at maging sports sa mga laro! (Super fun! The activities are great, everyone participated and I’ve learned teamwork and being  sports.)

Carlo Laureta (Business development Officer) Masaya, nakakatulong ang activities sa trabaho at masarap ang food (Fun, the activities are helpful in our job and the food is great!) 

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Karen Beltran (Business Development Officer) Enjoy! Madaming Challenges (Enjoy! lots of challenges!)

Jessica Obsenares (Operation Accountant)Masaya yung activities, nareach naman ang objectives kaso bitin sa moments (I enjoyed the activities and I think the objectives are reached but it would be much better if we have  longer time to have more memorable moments).


Roberson Raborar (Technical Support) The best team building ever! Bitin, sa games may division of labor, hati hati sa gawain at lahat may parte. (The best team building ever! Such limited time, there’s division of tasks in the games and everyone was able to participate.)

Cynthia Sarmiento (Finance and Admin Manager) – Perfect. Time is organized and enough for every activity.