Irine Vibal- From ready-made to own made

Usual business..

Irine is 32 years old with 3 children ages 9, 5 and 1 year old. Her business is buying and selling clothes together with her husband Edward. She started as a sales lady in the mall in clothing area and her husband’s a sales boy in a buy and sells clothes. In 2003, they decided to have their own business using their own savings in a stall her older sister gave her. She started with selling shirts for men and women and eventually added clothes for children and dresses for teens. Irine bought ready made dresses mostly coming from Hong Kong and Thailand, which are the same practice with the other clothing stores. However, income is not consistent because of its seasonal nature. Prices of ready made dresses goes up during certain months. So, she came up with the idea of buying yards of fabric, designing and asking a dressmaker to sew clothes because it is cheaper compared to buying ready made clothes to sell but the problem is she doesn’t have the capital.

Her ideas came to life..

With the help of a friend in January 2014 she joined SEED programs and even attended a skills training. Her first loan in the amount of PhP 8, 000 brought her idea into reality. She bought different yards of fabrics (cotton, denim, corduroy, linen) and had those made in her own design (from dress, to crop pants, long sleeves and skirts). She sells it to her store in much lower price and it became popular with the costumer. Much more to her surprise she now has a costumer buying in bulk of her design clothes gaining her a net of PhP 5,000 daily. Her second loan of PhP 10, 000 she added to buy more fabrics to accommodate her new costumers.

With the loan her business improved. She has now more costumer buying bulks of her clothes. She has increased her savings for their children and bought a new refrigerator.

Plan for the future..

Irine wanted to add a second stall to sell her clothes in addition to her current clothing stall. She still continues to attend SEED’s training to help her improve her knowledge on business and to also saves enough for the education of her children.