Bryan hard work earns success!

His Humble Beginning…

Bryan has been accustomed to hard work since he was eight years old. Living in the province with his grandmother in a poor life status, he learned to sell rice cakes and vegetables after school. As a teen he experienced working as an eggs, crackers and fish ball vendor and worked as a janitor in a mall to earn a living. Bryan dreamed of having his own business someday so he saved most of his earned money and he used the rest to support his grandmother in the province. 

Bryan’s business opportunity came to life in 2004 when he roamed the market in their community and took orders to deliver cooking oil and condiments (vinegar, fish sauce and soy sauce) from his savings of PHP 5,000 and from there on his business grew. He was taking more orders and delivering his goods to most of the local store areas in their community.

His Downfall…

But like most businesses, Bryan also experienced a downfall in 2007 when his family became sick and frequently hospitalized so he spent most of his income and capital to finance the expenses. Together with a bad partnership, his business went bankrupt. 

How he gets up and tries again…

Instead of giving up, Brian tried again using what was left of his money. He roamed his community for orders, this time asking for hardware and grocery orders and delivered them to their doorstep. He delivered them himself, oblivious to the backbreaking work of carrying heavy packages for his customers and working seven days a week. 

The success of Hard Work!

Today, Bryan now has four branches of his wholesale hardware and grocery store with 17 employed helpers. Bryan shared his blessings with his community not just by leading a good example but by supporting scholarships and helping neighbors through employments.

Brian still wants to expand his wholesale hardware and grocery store to provide a better future for his family and help his community more with employment.